Fueled by Movement

Personal training service offered in Vancouver. At FBM we focus on more than the exercise. We work towards client goals by adhering to our values of functional movement and client centered care. We routinely follow up with our clients to ensure our services meet their satisfaction. On top of having a personable coach and trainer on their team, we also include our network of specialist to ensure our client's goals are met. In short, not only do our clients get expert training, we also create (collaborate with) a team of specialist for them if needed.

Ralph Soriano

Ralph is a personal trainer for Fueled by Movement.  He is a student, athlete and coach.  Ralph strives for knowledge in his specialty and is constantly learning by enrolling in courses and mentorships.  Ralph is also a decorated athlete in the sport of weightlifting.  He has acquired numerous records and medals from local to national level competitions.  In 2017, he was the Gold medalist for the Senior Canadian Championships.  Of course, he could not achieve this goal without his exposure to different styles of programs, coaches and other athletes.  As a coach and trainer, Ralph has gathered knowledge from his coaches and mentors and has applied them to the education gained in a class room.

FMS 1&2 - CPT - NCCP - CF1