Personal & Group Training

Looking to lose fat? gain muscle? or fight a bear? Let us provide you with the most efficient, effective and safest way to it. Training with no direction or guidance may slow or halt the processes of your fitness goals. By training smart, consistent and perfecting techniques, you will see quick and progressive movement in your goals. Not only do you benefit from training physically, you'll also increase your self confidence and mental performance.

What happens?

• Compile Fitness/Dietary Plan
• Evaluate current physical status (Cardio, balance, strength, and flexibility)

• Warm up, Stretch, Corrective Exercises
• Roll out Personal Training Plan
• Assess Progress Weekly
• Rinse and Repeat

Don't like the Gym? Want to train at home? NO PROBLEM!

At FBM we are happy to train you in the comfort of your own home.

• Same structure as Personal Training
• We bring the equipment to you
• We utilize your home space
• We program workouts that is custom to you and your home

Personal Training



Fitness Assessment

Personalized Training Plan

Nutrition Consult

1 Session - $75

 12 Sessions - $55

Group Training



Goal Specific Training Plan

Dietary consultation

2 to max of 4 people per group 

1 Session - $55/p

12 Sessions - $35/p

Online Training


SAVE more when you book 12 weeks

Personal Training Plan

Nutrition Consult

Video Analysis

4 week - $60 

12 week - $150